Firefly 1.06 (Our Mrs. Reynolds)

I will say this a few more times during my review, but yowza, that Christina Hendricks is a babe, they do everything they can to try and hide her rack when she’s playing the doting wife, but there’s no hiding any part of her hotness!

Written By: Joss Whedon
Directed By: Vondie Curtis-Hall

–Mal and Jayne as a married couple is choice!

–Drunk Jayne may be even more choice.

–Oh my tiddly winks, when they came up with the word hot they must have known Christina Hendricks was going to come along someday.

–Mal’s side bar with Jayne asking how drunk he was the night before is a tiny slice of comedic heaven.

–A special hell.

–Jayne’s trade is fucking brilliant, brilliant, and Vera, oh, Vera.

–Man, I can’t stop gushing over this episode, and the Saffron/Mal scene in his room is worthy of even more gushing, that’s how well both actors play off of one another.

–Inara is hilarious in the scene after she finds Mal.

In what could become a recurring theme of these reviews, Our Mrs. Reynolds may just be my favorite episode of Firefly, and it may be the best episode of Firefly as well. On the surface it may not seem like Our Mrs. Reynolds has as much to offer as an episode like Shindig does, but upon closer inspection that just isn’t the case. Our Mrs. Reynolds is fun like a great Firefly episode should be, it has action like a great Firefly episode, it has a good story like a great Firefly episode, and it has character growth moments like the best Firefly episodes.

I know I said it earlier, but that Christina Hendricks, wow! On pure sexual physicality she is damn near the perfect woman, so that’s already a huge plus right there. But that woman can act, her repartee with Mal and the crew is something to watch, she knows just when to change her tone, to genuflect a little, to draw the attention to her and then to push it away again. Maybe future episodes will prove me wrong, but I don’t think Firefly had a better guest star than Ms. Hendricks.

I laughed at Our Mrs. Reynolds, then I was enthralled, then I laughed some more, and ultimately I was very happy. Our Mrs. Reynolds is more Firefly awesomeness, equal parts comedy and drama, with something for everyone, if not the best episode of Firefly it is at least one of the best and yet another home run in the series.






~ by Bill Thompson on May 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Firefly 1.06 (Our Mrs. Reynolds)”

  1. Yes, christina hendricks is a babe. I just LOVE her.

  2. This may well be the funniest thing that Joss has ever made.

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