Firefly 1.04 (Shindig)

I’ve never seen a party so fancy, the fanciest party I ever went to involved a lot of booze and a bevy of strippers!

Written By: Jane Espenson
Directed By: Vern Gillum

–Some sort of weird electronic/holo pool game is pretty awesome.

–Morena Baccarin is so beautiful that it should be illegal for her to exist.

–Mal being an ass and Jayne’s complete befuddlement to the reaction of the women is a thing of Jayne beauty.

–Besides the fact that the party is lush and amazing from a set dressing and costume standpoint, it’s so cool and different to see a party like this in the setting of Firefly.

–Captain Tightpants!

–Holy crap, I forgot Durant from Darkman was in this episode.

–Nathan Fillion’s comedic timing is unparalleled.

–Badger’s broken language is yet another thing of beauty.

–River’s speech to Badger is cool, cool, cool.

Before I get into Shindig specifically I wanted to say one thing about Firefly. For some reason I’ve never noticed this until now, but the episodes in Firefly really fly by. At some point I look at the DVD screen and expect a few minutes to have gone by, yet each and every time I’m thirty plus minutes into the episode. That just goes to show you how enthralling these episodes are.

As I segue into Shindig I feel the need to highlight how wonderfully creative the world of Firefly is. It never ceases to amaze me how inventive the show is visually as well as in its dialogue. Take Shindig for instance, that party is amazing to watch, then somehow out of all the jumbled languages and weird customs the powers that be come up with the idea of a duel and then the transporting of cows as illegal goods. I know I used the word already, but inventive is a great word to describe Shindig as an episode and Firefly as a series.

I can’t pinpoint exactly why Shindig is such a perfect episode, it just is. From the machinations of Badger to the relationship building between Inara and Mal, there isn’t a moment of Shindig that isn’t awesome. That’s really where my thoughts on Shindig begin and end, awesomeness. Shindig is funny, features a wonderfully constructed world, some interesting moments with the crew and some great character building and relationship moments between Inara and Mal. This is the first episode of Firefly that I maintain is perfect, but I’m pretty confident it won’t be the last, definitely check out Shindig if you’re looking for yet another amazing episode of Firefly.






~ by Bill Thompson on May 10, 2010.

One Response to “Firefly 1.04 (Shindig)”

  1. This is easily my favorite episode of Firefly. Like you I can’t find a thing wrong with it. So great.

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